Venus Travel

In December of 1968, my father, Vincenzo Conenna opened Venus Travel Agency in one of Chicago's oldest Italian neighborhoods on Belmont Avenue. His dedication, hard work, and desire to own a successful business paid off. In 1977, I joined my dad to help expand the agency, creating lasting relationships with new vendors and bringing on additional employees as we serviced more customers.

Vincenzo Conenna, circa 1968.

Vincenzo Conenna, circa 1968.

John Conenna,  2018  "The World Is Our Specialty "

John Conenna,  2018 "The World Is Our Specialty "

Now, it's been over 50 years since Vincenzo first put that key in the door to unlock a dream. Our family business has been dedicated to keeping up with the latest travel trends and providing each client a unique travel experience, ensuring that each trip planned is a treasured one.

I am very proud and honored by my father’s efforts and accomplishments, and without him, my own success could have never been possible. 

To each and every one of our clients, friends, and family, we thank you for your continued support and dedication.

- John F. Conenna, President