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Venus Travel is dedicated to providing their clients with prompt and professional service, offering corporate, leisure, domestic, and international travel plans tailored to business or individual budgets and interests. We have devoted our lives to the travel industry for over 50 years and pride ourselves on being able to fit anyone’s lifestyle and needs to make every moment of your trip one to write home about.

To get started, check out our most popular destinations below!


Italy holds a special place in the heart of Venus Travel. Our name not only derives from the Roman goddess of love, but it also encompasses what the country of Italy means to so many people: love, beauty, and endless possibilities. We have been sharing our family heritage and expertise of Italy since the day Venus Travel opened and we continue to provide our knowledge and guidance to our home country. Our family at Venus Travel is from the region of Puglia, in southern Italy. The area is not very tourist-driven, but it can be a great place to visit old-world charm and the hospitality is among the friendliest in the country.


Mexico can give you a relaxing getaway with the feel of an island, but so much closer to home. Whatever your taste, Mexico can offer unique adventures as well as provide a memorable and budget-friendly trip for the entire family. Discover the fascinating world of Mexico with its hidden treasures, including ancient Aztec pyramids, soothing beach resorts, and authentic food. Mexico is the place to visit when you want to escape the daily routine and mix culture with relaxing beach days.


A Caribbean vacation gives you a peaceful atmosphere surrounded by nothing but endless sunshine and effortless activities. Whatever you look for in a tropical vacation, whether it is beach, sports, golf, adventure, diving, spas, each destination has something to fit every taste and budget. Cruises are also available to most destinations.